Phoenix Broodmare Farm

Services provided to horses at Phoenix Broodmare Farm are delivered by Industry experts

Veterinary services at Phoenix Broodmare Farm are provided by Goulburn Valley Equine Clinic under the directorship of reproductive expert Dr Angus McKinnon. Angus resides in close proximity to Phoenix Broodmare Farm and attends the farm daily throughout the breeding season

Farrier services: Clive Allen provides professional yearling and corrective trimming for foals monthly

Dentist: Robin Gray maintains the oral health of horses in our care

Chiropractor services: Dr Ian Bidstrup provides aid for problem mares, yearlings and also newborn foals.

Transport services: Parsons Horse Transport provide a prompt and thorough service for mare walk-ins with safe, modern trucks

Extra services: Foals are handled and trimmed each month and newborn foals rugged during colder months